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Velvet cover for mousse cakes always looks beautiful, allows to combine different colors and tastes amazing, it is a stunning alternative for mirror or other types of glaze.


What is it made from?

Mix for velvet cover consists of chocolate and cocoa butter in 50\50 proportion. If you want to have bright colors you should use white chocolate and food coloring. It is also possible to use dark chocolate, in that case, your velvet will have a natural dark chocolate color.
Velvet cover is very easy to make, you just need the right recipe and right tools.

What is the recipe?

Cocoa butter – 100 g
White chocolate – 100 g
Oil-based food coloring – 0.5-1 g

Melt chopped cocoa butter in a saucepan over low heat. Keep an eye on cocoa butter and stir it continuously, when cocoa butter is liquid take it off the heat. Do not boil.
Melt white chocolate in a microwave in 30-sec intervals
Combine two, add food coloring and process it with a hand blender until fully incorporated. You can use powdered, liquid or gel colors, just make sure that color that you are using is oil-based.
Cool your velvet mixture to 34-36C

What about a spray gun?

For creating a beautiful cover you will have to use a spray gun, I use Wagner W100. I have made a lot of research before purchasing one and it is perfect for my needs. Of course, there are alternatives and you can choose different spray guns. I would recommend choosing one with a 2-2,5 mm nozzle. Using a machine with a smaller nozzle will be difficult for velvet spraying.

What type of cake can I use for velvet cover?

It is best to use frozen mousse cakes for velvet cover. At first, they have a nice and even surface. At second – to achieve velvet effect you need to spray the mixture on the ice-cold surface. If you will try to spray velvet mixture on a cooled, but not frozen cake most likely it will drip down from your cake.

How to apply?

Pour your mixture into a spray gun container for liquid. Make sure that the velvet mixture is at working temperature (34-36C). Take your cake from a freezer, place it on a turntable and start spraying. Hold your spray gun on a distance 20-25 cm form a cake. Work fast, not to let any condensed water appear on the surface of the cake. Turn the cake to make sure that all sides are covered. Layer of velvet must be 1-2mm. not thicker than that, so don’t apply too much.
If you want to use two colors leave part of the cake unsprayed and place it in the freezer. Meanwhile, prepare a portion of the velvet in a different color, take the cake from the freezer and cover the “bold” part with a new color. Don’t leave the cake in a freezer for too long, max 10-15 min.
After spraying leave the cake in a fridge to de-freeze

What if I don’t have a spray gun?

You can use ready-made velvet texture sprays, they come in different colors

Top mistakes

Now let’s talk about problems that you might experience when doing velvet cover

Velvet cover cracked

1. Velvet layer was too thick, apply 1-2 mm layer
2. Mousse in the cake has an unstable structure, f.e. mousses on the meringue. Better to use stable mousses based on chocolate
3. The cake was too soft when spaying

Coloring doesn’t dissolve in a mixture

Food coloring must be oil-based. Water-based or alcohol-containing coloring doesn’t dissolve in cocoa butter and chocolate and will stay in small droplets

I cannot achieve grainy texture

The velvet mixture is too hot. Try to cool it down and keep the distance between the cake and a spray gun




Do you have any questions?
Don’t hesitate to ask me 

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