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Live Class Recording

One more class about delicious chocolate truffles – only natural colours and ingredients

Duration – 4 hours
Price – 587 DKK (79 Euro)

Language – English 

In this live class, you will learn:

How to make 4 different ganaches for truffles
How to hand-form ganache for enrobing
How to do moulded truffles
How to enrobe truffles by hand
How to choose chocolate for ganache and enrobing
How to avoid fat bloom on your truffles
How to avoid cracks on your truffles
How to decorate truffles
Tempering of chocolate
Shelf life and storage
Roles of ingredients in ganache
How to use different sugars in ganache:
(glucose, inverted sugar, dextrose, sorbitol)


We are going to prepare:

Pineapple – Dorblu
/Pineapple Caramel & Dorblu Cheese Ganache with White chocolate/

Tea – Lemon – Honey
/Earl Grey Tea, Lemon & Honey Ganache with Milk & Dark chocolate/

/Coconut Ganache with White chocolate – Coconut Gianduja/

Cherry – Marzipan
/Cherry, Marzipan &  Amaretto Ganache with Milk & Dark chocolate/

How to participate?

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I will contact you via the e-mail address linked to your PayPal account.
Please note that all transactions are final and cannot be exchanged or refunded after you have accessed the class due to the fact that all my classes are digital
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