“Max Shine Academy” is a 4-lesson online course with a 100% focus on achieving maximum shine on your bonbons! 
More than a class – we will spend together 4 weeks, focusing on all the details to achieve stable and beautiful results! 4 live classes, more than 20 different designs, 4 live Q&A with me discussing your question and troubleshooting, access to private course group, unlimited access to a recording of each lesson, digital graduation diploma and a lot of useful insights 
Throughout the course, I will be sharing all my experience, methods, and advice to achieve “Max Shine”. There is no “secret ingredient”. But there is a set of skills and knowledge that I will share with you to ensure that you will always have “Max Shine”.

Course with 4 lessons 

Duration of each lesson – 5  hours
Price – 2.225 DKK (299 EUR)

Language – English

Lesson 1. Equipment & Ingredients :

Equipment. Basic equipment for the chocolate kitchen. Chocolate melters, coolers, tempering machines, etc.
Chocolate and how to choose it
Polycarbonate moulds. How to choose a selection of moulds for your production needs. How to clean, store and prepare them.
Theory of chocolate and crystal structure of cocoa butter:
What is chocolate and what are the different types of it
What is tempering and why it is needed
Effect of the temperature and moisture on the chocolate
Different methods of tempering and science behind it:
Tabling method
Seeding method
Tempering with cocoa butter silk and how to produce it
What is shine on pure chocolate bonbons and how to achieve Max Shine
Practical part:
Making Max Shine bonbons with pure dark, white chocolate, and “zebra” effect
Ganache preparation (please be aware that this course is not about fillings, therefore information and time dedicated to the preparation of fillings will be limited. But we are going to prepare a couple of ganaches together)
Recipes Lesson 1:
Basic Dark chocolate ganache
Basic Milk chocolate ganache
Basic White chocolate ganache

Lesson 2. Coloring & Airbrushing :

Equipment for airbrushing. Airbrush, spray gun, compressor
Ingredients. Cocoa butter, colorants, pre-colored cocoa butter.
Max Shine with colored cocoa butter:
Color theory, moulds, temperature, timing, reflection
Practical part:
Coloring of pure cocoa butter
Creating different designs with colored cocoa butter, single-colored and color combinations
Working with sponges, brushes, masking tapes, airbrush, velvet effect
Tempering of the chocolate with chocolate melter
Moulding with chocolate
Recipes Lesson 2:
Vanilla Ganache
Blueberry & Lavender Ganache
Lime & Basil Ganache
Lemon & Honey Ganache
Extra Dark chocolate Ganache
Pear & Vanilla Ganache
Rose & Green tea Ganache
Mango & Passion fruit Ganache

Lesson 3. Mixology:

Ingredients. Sparkling powders
Practical part:
Mixing unique shades of cocoa butter, working with sparkling powders
Creating different designs with sponges, stencils, brushes, airbrush and multi-colored cocoa butter
Tempering of the chocolate with tempering machine
Moulding with chocolate 
Recipes Lesson 3:
Cinnamon Ganache
Bergamot, Lemon & Rosemary Ganache
Coffee & Cardamom Ganache
Forest berries Ganache
Coconut & Vanilla Ganache
Hazelnut Ganache
Blueberry & Yoghurt Ganache
Peanut Ganache

Lesson 3. Natural colors:

Ingredients. Natural pre-colored cocoa butter, natural colorants for coloring your own cocoa butter
Practical part:
Working with pre-colored cocoa butter, coloring cocoa butter with natural ingredients
Creating different designs with sponges, brushes, airbrush
Tempering of the chocolate with tempering machine
Moulding with chocolate 
Recipes Lesson 4:
Matcha & Milk Ganache
Raspberry, Vanilla & Rose Ganache
Black sesame & Passion fruit Ganache
Date & Orange blossom Ganache
Mango & Almond milk Ganache
Greek yoghurt Ganache
Raspberry & Dark chocolate Ganache

How to participate?

Course consist of 4 recorded live classes

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To recreate recipes and designs from the class you will need – polycarbonate moulds, colors , chocolate, fruit purees, sugars and other traditional ingredients used in artisan chocolate making.  Detailed information will be provided during the class. 
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