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If you want to start creating your own unique ganache recipes, balance your fillings, keep your bonbons shelf-life under control – then this class is for you!

Online Class Recording

Duration – 5  hours
Price – 79 EUR (587 DKK)

Language – English

In this class, you will learn:

What is ganache
What are the main ingredients in ganache
What is the role of each ingredient in ganache
Texture of ganache
2 methods of preparing the ganache
4 main types of ganache
Understanding a shelf-life of ganache
Preservation and extending a shelf-life
Active water in ganache
How to compose and calculate a recipe for ganache
Ganache formulation
How to balance your ganache recipe
How to change ingredients in ganache
How to compose ganache with different types of chocolate
Pre-crystallization of ganache
Perfect emulsion
Chocolate composition
Flavor pairing
4 different ways to add flavor to your ganache
Understanding sugars, how and why add them in your ganache

We will calculate and prepare:

Infused dark chocolate ganache with ginger
Milk chocolate ganache with liquor
White chocolate ganache with lemon
Ruby chocolate ganache with freeze-dried raspberry

* This webinar is recommended to the participants with prior experience working with chocolate
* Fillings or designs from the pictures are not included into the class

How to participate?

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