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Mousse Cake with Bananas Coulis, Streusel, Coconut Sponge, Mango Glaze, and Passion Fruit Mousse


Mousse Cake with Caramel Sponge, Crunch Layer with Streusel, Creme Caramel, Tonka Beans Mousse, Caramel Mirror Glaze and Streusel Cake Collar

Chocolate & Orange

Mousse cake with crème caramel, flourless chocolate sponge, royaltine crunch, orange confit, dark chocolate mousse, and chocolate glacage

Baileys Latte

Mousse cake with chocolate & Baileys jelly, coffee mirror glaze, chocolate sponge and coffee mousse

Tiramisu cake

Mousse cake based on Italian dessert Tiramisu. Ladyfingers (Savoiardi) biscuits dipped in coffee and rum syrup, coffee-flavored mascarpone mousse and mascarpone cream on top