Hello, my name is Lana. I create artisan chocolates

My love for cakes and chocolates began several years ago through my work at a larger hotel in my native Ukraine:
I had the opportunity to meet many talented chefs and get to know the hotel and restaurant industry from the inside. From then on, the kitchen was one of the most fascinating places for me, and cooking was magical!

Later, I worked as the manager of a cooking school, and in parallel with my administrative job, I attended as many courses at the school as I possibly could. Soon I fell in love with cakes and chocolates, and decided I wanted to be a pastry chef.
I have also had the pleasure of being taught at several pastry schools and been on courses with world-famous chefs and chocolatiers.
I started Sweets by Lana because I want to share my joy and enthusiasm for chocolates, and it is my main goal to help others make the most of their love and passion for chocolate – be it through one of my classes or by enjoying my chocolates.

All the best, Lana 🙂